Aromatic herbs.

Producer and harvester of aromatic herbs from the Spanish Mediterranean.

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Tradition in the collection of aromatic herbs

In Blas Lorente Gonzalez S.L we have collected aromatic herbs since 1960, a tradition that has passed from generation to generation always with the commitment to offer aromatic herbs of great quality. By means of modern facilities and cleaning machines we can offer a pure, organic and conventional product suitable for human consumption.

Also, being wholesalers we have our own plantations to guarantee fresh herbs that preserve all their properties and from which we obtain a 100% ecological product of Spanish quality.

Our specialties in the production of aromatic herbs are: aniseed, lemon peel, orange and grapefruit, eucalyptus leaves, orange blossom, Uva Ursi leaves, olive leaves, distilled rosemary extract, natural rosemary, thyme, etc.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that we are prepared to send herbs anywhere in the world from 500kg orders to full containers.

Blas Lorente Gonzalez S.L innovates in its services to offer an organic product, conventional and with an unbeatable quality. Thanks to our values and commitments, we are now ready to produce 500 tons of natural herbs and send them to different countries around the world.

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