Since 1960 distilling natural essences.

Tradition and experience come together in Blas Lorente Gonzalez S.L. to distill some of the most
Important aromatic herbs of the Spanish Mediterranean area

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Since 1960 we are distilling some of the most important aromatic plants of the Mediterranean area Spanish

In our facilities the plants are subjected to steam distillation in stainless steel stills. We use a system with independent generator of steam which prevents the plants are in direct contact with water thus avoiding the hydrolysis of the components of essential oils. This together with the use of stainless materials allow us to put on the market essences of unbeatable quality for use in AROMATERAPIA, SABORES, FRAGANCIAS, COSMETICA, etc.



Why are you your best choice?

Producers, collectors and distillers of natural essences since 1960

  • Experience in the sector since 1960

    We have 57 years of experience in the aromatic plant distillation sector.

  • Quality distilling essences unbeatable

    Our up-to-date and state-of-the-art facilities provide us with performance is optimal essence extraction.

Esncias y aceites de hiervas aromáticas
  • Delivery of orders fulfilling the times

    The logistics of Blas Lorente S.L is prepared to send essences to any part of the world fulfilling the agreed times and with a safe shipment.

  • Personalized

    Our commercials will attend your consultations and negotiations in an efficient way.

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We use facilities and machinery always updated to obtain the best performance in the essence extraction.


Many of the essences that we extract are from our plantations located in the southwest of the Iberian peninsula.


We collect our plantations with mime so that the product arrives fresh to the stills.

I fly safe

Another of our commitments is the shipment of the merchandise. We always look for a fast and safe shipment

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